Greetings, friends,

Since our brief beta had opened for 2 weeks back in July we've given the server a lot of attention from player feedback and of course, what was already on our TODO list.

In the past 58 days our development team has managed to fix 368 different bugs, be it client crashes, quests, smooth waypoint transitioning, cosmetics, gossip, phasing (in quests) or MoP dungeons & raids.

To summarize the update:

-No class required additional feedback on things needing to be fixed in our first beta. We've had our way around attempting different exploits with switching specs to gain an advantage through buffs, glyphs and passives. Such cases have been fixed.



-Pandaria Zones (NPC texts, movement, phasing, quest chains & storylines (Completable achievements), quest scripting, gossips and emotes):

The Jade Forest             ~ 95% + finished

Valley of the Four Winds ~ 95% + finished

Krasarang Wilds             ~ 95% + finished

Kun-Lai Summit             ~ 95% + finished

Townlong Steppes          ~ 40% (currently under development)

Dread Wastes                 ~ 10% finished

Vale of Eternal Blossoms ~ 20% (currently under development)

-Some Dungeons and Raids still require minor polishing but are in a good and fully completable state. However, they'll be perfected.



-All BGs/Arenas are fully working.

-We've discussed, investigated and overviewed several crucial systems such as managing PvP stats to best replicate season 12 damage & healing within a 5.4.8. core, considering the scaling of gems and base stats used to be different back in the day.

Make sure to join our discord and stay up to date, for another open beta might be just around the corner where we'll be polishing quest and group PvE content.