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Lotus-WoW - 5.4.8 Progressive MoP | Final Open Beta

Greetings, friends!

Lotus-WoW Staff would like to invite you to participate in our last open beta on December 3rd 2021. Since our last appearance here we have finished scripting Townlong Steppes and we're closing in on finishing Dread Wastes (~85%). These include NPC texts, movement, phasing, quest chains & storylines (Completable achievements), quest scripting, gossips and emotes.

Alongside this, we've updated numerous core features that will allow us for a much faster and precise development. For example the MoveSpline system allows us to more quickly manage proper waypoint movement for NPCs. Another big fix to gameplay is Spell Queue for custom lag tolerance option working as intended.

Additionally, there have been updates to the dynamic respawn system that will be fully implemented on launch.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms has been restored to its initial patch 5.0 form! (Picture below) However, it will still not be available for the beta. You can use any 5.4.8 client for the beta.

Alongside the changes to the game-server, our website is being worked on. We'll be providing the players with an entirely reworked CMS with features such as a fully working armory (almost done), different PvE & PvP ladders. The Lotus launcher and our client (mandatory, other 5.4.8 clients will not work on Lotus upon launch) will be available several weeks before the server release which we expect to be late December/early January.

What is the purpose of the beta?

Testing endgame group content such as dungeons/raids/challenge modes. Players will be able to create level 1 characters and then decide for themselves if they wish to test the old content, boost the characters to lvl 85 to test Pandaria leveling content or boost to lvl 90 to participate in the endgame content. All of this will be provided via NPCs. All gems/enchants/profession NPCs will also be provided.

We are looking forward to build a stable and friendly community, together with YOU.

The Lotus-WoW team has lot of ideas for our bright future together.

To stay up to date and get more information make sure to join our discord:


Lotus-WoW | Developer Update

Greetings, friends,

Since our brief beta had opened for 2 weeks back in July we've given the server a lot of attention from player feedback and of course, what was already on our TODO list.

In the past 58 days our development team has managed to fix 368 different bugs, be it client crashes, quests, smooth waypoint transitioning, cosmetics, gossip, phasing (in quests) or MoP dungeons & raids.

To summarize the update:

-No class required additional feedback on things needing to be fixed in our first beta. We've had our way around attempting different exploits with switching specs to gain an advantage through buffs, glyphs and passives. Such cases have been fixed.



-Pandaria Zones (NPC texts, movement, phasing, quest chains & storylines (Completable achievements), quest scripting, gossips and emotes):

The Jade Forest             ~ 95% + finished

Valley of the Four Winds ~ 95% + finished

Krasarang Wilds             ~ 95% + finished

Kun-Lai Summit             ~ 95% + finished

Townlong Steppes          ~ 40% (currently under development)

Dread Wastes                 ~ 10% finished

Vale of Eternal Blossoms ~ 20% (currently under development)

-Some Dungeons and Raids still require minor polishing but are in a good and fully completable state. However, they'll be perfected.



-All BGs/Arenas are fully working.

-We've discussed, investigated and overviewed several crucial systems such as managing PvP stats to best replicate season 12 damage & healing within a 5.4.8. core, considering the scaling of gems and base stats used to be different back in the day.

Make sure to join our discord and stay up to date, for another open beta might be just around the corner where we'll be polishing quest and group PvE content.


Welcome to Lotus-WoW!

We warmly welcome you, friend of the Pandaren & Grummles!


Are you ready to explore the world of Pandaria in a progressive and blizzlike way?

Our developers team has worked several years to deliver you the most blizzlike experience while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Pandaria.

Looking back at several years of playing & working on World Of Warcraft, we always came back to Mists Of Pandaria and working on the environment, WE want to play in.

Rather it's the interesting storyline, the intense PvP battles or just the wonderful ambience, we are more than welcome to have you here at Lotus-WoW!

You might ask "What is Lotus all about"?

Lotus-WoW is striving towards a fresh, unique, progressive and blizzlike Mists Of Pandaria experience with some custom twists here and there to make Pandaria even better than it already is!

We will offer you the option to adjust your XP-Rates while leveling up.

By using simple in-game commands, you can level up with 1 up to 10x XP-Rates in all areas pre Pandaria.

While traveling through the beautiful landscapes of Pandaria, you can adjust your Rates from 1 up to 3x. Even tho we recommend that you explore and enjoy every little detail, Pandaria has to offer you. Rather it's the stunning Jade Forest, the misty mountains of Kun-Lai Summit or the deepest of Krasarang Wilds!

Extremely motivated and passionate staff team


A unique and custom coded launcher

Our unique launcher will allow you to manage almost everything related to your account. You will get all news, announcements and latest changes as a pop-up as soon as you login - to make sure you are always up to date!

You can manage your login informations, use the built-in store to get rewarded for donating/voting for the server and you can open/manage Tickets to communicate with our support team without the need of being logged in.

There are way more features waiting for you inside our launcher, so stay tuned for that!



Our players will be able to trade characters among each other.

Just like the in-game auctionhouse - but with your characters!


There is much more coming up in the future, so stay tuned and make sure to not miss any updates!


If there are any unanswered questions, make sure you join our discord server.


Your Lotus-WoW Staff